Getting Started with Sea Fishing

For those that understand sea fishing, you know that it can present quite the challenge. Whether you are trolling offshore for hard strikers like billfish or inshore sight-fishing for bonefish or redfish, you know that you have quite the handful.

The highly corrosive nature of the sea’s saltwater combined with the greater strength of saltwater fish means that you must get the best sea fishing equipment affordable for sustained success.

sea fishing

First, and worthy of note is the fact that salt water fishing equipment tends to be more costly than freshwater fishing gear. Second, and important, decide on the approximate weight and size of fish that you would want to catch.

These facts are important to know at the onset so that you know the exact kind of fishing equipment you need. Here, we mention the different fishing equipment that you may want to use.

Choosing the right reel to suit your fishing method

First, you need a decent reel. There are many good reels, and it depends on the type of sea fishing you are going to be doing. Shimano spinning reels are a great place to start if you are going to be throwing some lures out into the surf.

These fishing reels are nothing short of exceptional craftsmanship and precision. Shimano is an epitome of developments in fishing tackle technology and offers marvellous innovations in sea fishing reels.

Shimano saltwater reels incorporate features such as a CI4 design that fishing reelensures the reels are lightweight and durable, X-Ship that makes handle turning easier, and Hagane gearing that provides power for tackling big game.

Shimano reels combine these features plus much more to ensure that whenever you are out at sea, the odds are in your favor.

The Shimano Stella is the flagship spinning reel from Shimano, and is the go-to reel for those that are serious about their fishing, and want to feel they have the confidence that their reel is going to deliver every time they hook into a big fish. You can find an excellent review of the Shimano Stella on FishingMyWay

Penn is another brand that makes exceptional spinning reels, that produce a lot of power for fighting the big fish, and also the durability you want to ensure you are getting many years of usage from your reel.

The Penn Slammer 3 is a favourite from the range of reels from Penn, and the quality and value that you get with this reel is exceptional, it makes it easy to see why it is a favourite with anglers all over the world.

A suitable rod makes all the difference

Second, it is important to have a fishing rod for sea fishing. At times, sea fishing can be unforgiving. The fish do not care that you have the best rod. Hence, it is important that every time you hit the water, the best sea fishing rod is in hand.

You may want to try out the St. Croix Tidemaster sea fishing rods.

This line of fishing rods comes with 9 guides that are SCII premium quality graphite. These sea fishing rods also feature hook-setting power, sensitivity, and tremendous strength. They are specifically designed for angling on inshore saltwater.

Third, you will want to get saltwater fishing lures. Whether you are fishing in shallow water or in deep water, the bucktail jig presents the best of options.

There are a variety of retrieves for anglers who want to fish using this product. The Spro Bucktail Jig, for instance, is designed for durability, with Gamakatsu hooks that are super hard.

The head is also uniquely shaped and the eyelet’s placement brings the lure to life. It also glides through the water and does not hang straight down or fall.

Fourth, you must possess a sea fishing line. Because of the corrosive nature of the saltwater environment, you need a specialized fishing line to land a robust range of fish.

Although there is a wide range of fishing lines for sea fishing, the best combines stiffness (maintaining drag when retrieving), strength (resisting breakage during tension) and sensitivity (feeling fish bites).

Although monofilament is a popular choice due to its affordability, fluorocarbon is the best fishing line all around because of its invisibility, stiffness, durability, and strength.

You may want to try out the Seaguar TATSU 200 Yards Fluorocarbon Fishing Line.